I‘m glad you’re here. We need to talk.

There’s a fire burning inside you.

Even if it’s just a tiny flame, flickering softly. Even if you can’t feel it, I know it’s there.
That fire needs fuel. Those flames need fanning. Intentional, inspired action so that you can burn brightly.

Wait. Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Erin Gibson.

I AM a solution nerd. I study problems and obstacles like bacteria in a petri dish and figure out how to destroy them.

I LOVE really getting down to the business of doing the important work – my passion projects, spending time with people who matter most to me, making lives better and brighter – without a million trivial, tedious roadblocks in my way.

I BELIEVE that you can make room for the stuff you really want to spend your time on. The juicy, meaningful stuff.

You are meant for great things, babe.
You are here to be a motherf*cking wildfire, not a candle.
Let’s find you some space to ignite.

What brings you here?

So here’s the thing about adulthood – most of us enter into it so woefully unprepared that it’s laughable. There’s no user manual for being a grownup. And some of us manage to crash and bang our way through the world and we do alright.

+ Maybe you went to college, got spit out the other side and landed that job that pays the bills but doesn’t light you up.

+ Maybe you have a nice enough life, a nice relationship – a happy home by most standards. But you don’t feel fulfilled and you just can’t put your finger on why. Something needs an adjustment, but you don’t know what it is.

+ Maybe you have your sights set on that thing. That thing you’ve always wanted to do. That business you want to launch. That hobby you want to throw yourself at. That thing that’s always been waiting for when the time is right. But somehow it’s never right.

+ Maybe life is great! You’re doing what you love, your home life and relationships are on point. But you’ve stagnated and you’re not growing anymore. You know you could take things to the next level but it’s comfortable where you are, sitting on a plateau.

The reasons behind those scenarios are the same.
It comes down to two things.

You’re not being honest with yourself about what you want. (You need clarity)

You’re bogged down with bullshit that isn’t important. (You need a strategy)

I believe in people.

Those people who want to burn a blazing trail – the free spirits, the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the movers and shakers – those are my people. You know, those of us who don’t want to grow old going nowhere in someone else’s hamster wheel.

Most of us, deep down, know what we want and what we need. We may even know exactly how to get it. But we’re excellent at delaying, deceiving ourselves, making excuses and rationalizing why we just can’t find the time to be awesome today, maybe tomorrow? And we wad all those wants and needs into a tight little ball that lives ignored in the pits of our stomachs. Because growth and change are scary and what people want most is to feel safe. But I believe in people, and that everyone can grow and change if you just shine a light into those dark places.

What brings me here?

+ I have a very particular set of skills (pretend I’m Liam Neeson saying that menacingly into a telephone). I’m a logical, analytical problem solver, and I create guides and strategies to help people get their lives in check.

+ I’ve done it myself. I plowed through my twenties going through the motions of adulthood, but really just making a mess of my life. My home, health, money and relationships were out of control, and the daily struggle of just being was sapping every ounce of passion and motivation I had. It took a reality check – in my case, losing a job – to realize that I didn’t want to live on the edge of my seat anymore. I wanted order, control over my future and sweet, peaceful sanity.

+ I like people. All kinds of people. (except dicks. no one likes dicks.) At least once a week, I find myself crying happy tears in front of my laptop watching a video of someone doing something amazing that makes them deliriously joyful. I feed on it. Need a quick pickmeup? Try this, this, this or this. I dare you not to smile. (I curate a Youtube playlist of videos that I call The Smile File. You can subscribe here.)

+ I like technology. Not in a connected to the internet 24/7 way, but in a make the robots do my bidding way. I love systems and technology that make my life easier and more streamlined. There are so many great tools at your disposal to take the tedium out of everyday things and when I find something that just works I want to share it with you (and anyone else who will listen).

What’s stopping you from doing those epic things that you were meant to do? What fuel does your fire need?

I’m here to help you find it. Let’s talk.

A few other personal tidbits.

I’m based in Lititz, Pennsylvania where I live with my charming better half Adam, smelly piglet dog, and a pair of formerly homeless cats. I have a degree in Graphic Design, but after graduating I realized my true interests lied elsewhere.
When I’m not working behind the scenes at Gingerous, you might find me zipping across the countryside on the back of a motorcycle, binging space dramas on Netflix (I’m not saying I own a Star Trek uniform, but I’m also not saying I don’t) or lovingly crafting the perfect burrito.

What next? So glad you asked!

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