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Babyliss PRO – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Having the capacity to create more heat and in turn not affecting the device is one of the most wonderful features of this device. The plates of this device are comparatively different as they are made of porcelain.

Let us go through the amazing features of this product

Porcelain plates

The porcelain plates are one of the types of ceramic plates. As we already know the ceramic plating is the best one for the growth and attraction of hair making it one of the most desirable choices for the users.

Instant heating on-off

The best part of this device is it instantly heats up but at the same time does not affect the other parts of the machine. At the same time the machine instantly cools off as well. This makes it one of the most desirable qualities of the product.

Very long cord

The cord if long can prove to be very beneficial, for the operation of the device. The user can stand on any side and take any angle, if the cord is long and adjustable, the convenience in using the machine can be very nice.  It is for this amazing experience that the people are looking for this machine.

Uncomplicated use

The device does not involve too many switches and buttons which make it an ideal choice for the users. Just a simple battery which can be switched on and a button to ensure its operation. That’s all. It avoids unnecessary hassles of knowing the machine and then following the instructions manual.

Apart from the above mentioned the other features of the product include the temperature control up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and affordable pricing.


Some customers feel that even after sufficient heating as per the instructions; the machine does not get hot as desired. Moreover them machine is not suitable for short hair making it inconvenient for them to use the machine. Customers with wavy hair felt that this device did not serve their purpose. As it did not react on them at all even after multiple tries. Some customers also feel that the plastic material used for making this machine is not of superior quality and that has gained quite a lot of importance.


Every product comes with its own pros and cons and this product is no less. It has its own set of advantages and limitations. First of all the best part is that the plates are very efficient and give instant cooling and heating which is good. On the other hand the extreme heating gives it a difficult handling thereby creating problems for the user. On a overall basis the product definitely serves the purpose of the user and definitely worth using it as it provides true value for money.