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Ways Of Having A Shiny Curly Hair

Everybody desires to have a shiny curly hair. Its glossiness reflects vibrant and healthy! The sad truth about this is that most women with curly hair have a much harder time getting their curly locks to shine than their fellow sisters with straight hairs do. The reason is that a lot of it has to do with light reflection. When light hits a smooth surface, it automatically bounces back off and our eyes register the reflection as shine. Curly hair, by its very nature, tends to absorb rather than reflect light because of its texture. The interesting thing part of this debate is that it is possible having to achieve shiny curly hair. The rules below should be adhered to.

To start with, since curly hair is dry and porous by nature, curls must be hydrated. Those porous areas of your strands need to be filled with moisturizing agents like conditioners. There are several ways you can wrangle in come extra moisture:

What To Do

Use a Leave-in Conditioner – Once you are done having shower, apply conditioner after rinsing. Leave some of it in your mid shaft and ends when rinsing. If your regular conditioner feels too heavy, there are many others on the market that are specifically sold as leave-in. After applying it, don’t rinse it all out.

Apply a quality moisturizing hair masque – then wind plastic wrap around your hair.

Leave the masque on for an extended period of time (the longer the better). Twice in a month and trust me, you will be seeing the results.

Restore Luster and Shine with Emolliating Oils – It has been scientifically proven that certain oils can penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex of the hair to nourish and lubricate it.

Use a Demi-permanent Hair Color Instead of Permanent Color – Did you know that dark hair shines more than lighter hair? If you are considering going darker or changing your hair’s tonal color, be sure to have your stylist use a demi-permanent color.

Treat Yourself to an In-Salon Clear Gloss Treatment – If you are hesitant about changing the color of your hair, there are clear glossing treatments available. These treatments work the same way that demi-permanent colors do but instead of adding pigment, they are designed to add shine.

All of these points contribute greatly to you achieving a shiny curly hair. Hope the advice was insightful though, and if it did, do leave a comment below.